Storage Auctions in North Carolina

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Storage Auctions in North Carolina

We're very excited to bring you a great selection of storage auctions in North Carolina.

These are 100% online auctions, so you'll never have to leave home unless you've won a unit and are going to pick up your loot.

Bidding from home is more efficient for you, and saves you time and money. No more standing around in the weather, no more parking struggles, no more wasting gas and going home empty handed.

Know in advance how much truck or trailer space you'll need, and even line up downstream buyers before you even pick up your storage auction bargains.

Our online storage auctions have a $10 bid increment and you can always bid higher than the next bump. Lockerfox will place a proxy bid on your behalf, entering higher bids automatically to keep you on top!

You can learn more about how to bid on storage auctions on our How It Works page.

Welcome to the future of storage auctions - we're glad you're here!


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