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VerifiedSep 20, 2023
Wonderful place
Great and easy to work with!! They answer any questions you may have quickly they email.
VerifiedSep 7, 2023
Im an Auctioneer and have been buying lockers out for a while through Lockerfox. I like the website its easy to maneuver through and if you have a problem , someone is always there to answer your questions in person. Great site!!! The best Storage Auction site by far.
VerifiedAug 26, 2023
LockerFox review
Ive had nothing but incredible customer service with LockerFox. They have been very professional and I love doing business with them
VerifiedJul 15, 2023
Great experience
Pleasant interaction the whole way
VerifiedJul 14, 2023
I was able to bid on the unit I wanted won it and the process was seamless. Very pleased
VerifiedJul 13, 2023
Very easy to navigate website and place bids. Never had any negative issues or problems
VerifiedJul 7, 2023
Alway get great lockers with lockerfox, no trash units like the others. I buy mostly with lockerfox
VerifiedJul 2, 2023
Professional with Excellent Communication!
The Lockerfox representative was VERY helpful and VERY professional. We look forward to many for purchases, and working with Lockerfox. Great Company!
VerifiedJun 19, 2023
Easy to use
VerifiedJun 11, 2023
Trill of the hunt
I use six online auctions and by far I have found locker fox the most rewarding it seems to reach those locals that the rest missed and so far the contents have been of better returns for your time and money.
VerifiedMay 28, 2023
Every person I have contacted was kind and helpful
VerifiedMay 28, 2023
Always helpful and friendly
VerifiedMay 19, 2023
Finding treasures
Great hunting, thank you for having this site available.
VerifiedMay 12, 2023
1st unit
It was a simple and fun experience! Easy process
VerifiedMay 7, 2023
Very awesome
Very awesome website!! Great listing and a pleasure working with..
VerifiedApr 27, 2023
Excellent website and excellent staff at the storage facilities
I like lockerfox. Its an excellent website. All the people Ive been in contact with at the storage facilities picking up the units Ive bought have been very excellent and super nice people.
VerifiedApr 26, 2023
Exceptional Service & Great Deals to be made!!
Ive have used LockerFox for the purchase of at least 10 storage lockers so far and have always been pleased with every step from bidding, paying and getting the contents of the units! Would highly recommend, have never been disappointed with the quality of service I have received every step of the way! 5 Stars
VerifiedApr 23, 2023
Love Lockerfox
VerifiedApr 22, 2023
Lockerfox is professional, as always.
VerifiedApr 20, 2023
VerifiedApr 20, 2023
Love it
Everything is great
VerifiedApr 20, 2023
I love this site!
Lockerfox is by far the best auction site on the web. Easy bidding, you know who you're bidding against, and it's fast and smooth process. If I could give them more stars I most definitely would!
VerifiedMar 25, 2023
Everything is very professional and the employees are very friendly and helpful much appreciated
VerifiedMar 20, 2023
Ive had nothing but smooth transactions since partaking in auctions.
VerifiedMar 13, 2023
Great Service
Never had any issues
VerifiedMar 3, 2023
Hooked on Lockerfox
Very easy fun experience!
VerifiedFeb 26, 2023
Lockerfox easy as pie
I must say I was skeptical at first. But the auctions were easy to navigate and win. I like how it's done over the phone and internet to get in to the facility and the locks. Overall I am surprised at the ease of it all from start to finish.
VerifiedFeb 25, 2023
Good auction site
Easiest auction site I've found currently.
VerifiedFeb 22, 2023
Wild factor
Love getting my treasures and finding them for others, keep them coming, thanks
VerifiedFeb 11, 2023
Very professional. Had trouble contacting locker facility after purchasing a locker. Called lockerfox customer support and locker facility got in contact with me within a few minutes.
VerifiedFeb 5, 2023
Awesome website
We work with 3 different websites for online storage auctions. Ill have to say of all 3, this one is the best auction website hands down. I love how everyone gets a username so you can see who youre bidding against. I also love that if you want to get a closer view of whats in the locker, you can scroll down and every picture has been blown up so you can get a better look inside. This is the way I wish the other two websites were set up, but theyre not. Although I buy from all three I enjoy coming to this one the most.
VerifiedJan 25, 2023
Everything was how it was supposed to be no hidden fees or hidden rules. Which was nice. Friendly service and clean place. I will be buying more from yall. Thank you so much.
VerifiedJan 8, 2023
So much fun!!
I just discover online auctions and I'm obsessed. Lockerfox is so easy to use.
VerifiedDec 16, 2022
Great service.
Lockerfox works great! Ive never had an issue with the auction. Bids placed with no problems and fees have been minimal. Interfacing with the facilities for pickup have been amazing.
VerifiedDec 8, 2022
This is my first experience and i loved everything about it.
VerifiedDec 5, 2022
Five Stars!!!
I recently started to use LF and bid on a few lockers just to watch to see how things flowed. I won an auction and everything went perfectly all the way down to the return of my cleaning deposit(which wasnt LF but a company they represent)! Very happy with the experience so far!
VerifiedDec 3, 2022
Customer service was very helpful. I would recommend lockerfox
VerifiedDec 1, 2022
My favorite auction site!
Professional service and easy to operate site! Really Smooth operation!
VerifiedNov 26, 2022
Satisfied ; grateful and looking forwards
Nothing equal clarity when buying; lockerfox is the only platform that Makes this possible.
VerifiedNov 24, 2022
My first time doing this awesome people to deal with
VerifiedNov 21, 2022
Great auction
Very satisfied with lockerfox. have had great experiences with then so far.
VerifiedNov 21, 2022
Love the excitement
I really enjoy the thrill of bidding on lockerfox. Easy to bid right from dang near anywhere. Love the excitement of opening a unit that you've won ,because you really never know what you will find.
VerifiedNov 20, 2022
Bidding problem
Everything went good with locker Fox the only problem I see is that there is not enough time between auctions. I was still bidding on a previous locker when the next one went off making it impossible to bid on that one. I realize you can put a proxy in but sometimes you would like to change and bid higher.
VerifiedNov 19, 2022
Very good experience
Easy to use every locker that I have won has been Easy to get information
VerifiedOct 24, 2022
Easy Buying
Love buying with LockerFox!!!
VerifiedOct 24, 2022
Proper service
Each time I have won an auction I have been treated with great respect and consideration I appreciate the experiences I have had so far and will continue to use Lockerfox and my auction place for these little treasure hunts
VerifiedOct 23, 2022
Some nice auctions.
Easy process, thank you
VerifiedOct 5, 2022
I have bought from several on-line auction sites and LockerFox has been the best of them all and also has the lowest fee for thier services. I have never had any problems with Lockerfox and would recommend them over all the others, never any hassle with wrong charges at bank I have had several problems with some auction sites billing my bank account 2x for same locker unit I have never had any with Lockerfox.
VerifiedOct 2, 2022
Excellent site
Very easy to use, and navigate with all the tools
VerifiedSep 24, 2022
Dry happy
The Lockerfox site to me is one of the best and easiest to navigate. It keeps your zip code and distance you don’t have to keep entering all the time. I find Lockerfox very informative and if you put a watch and bid on a unit it sends updates of when it’s ending and as soon as anyone bids against you.
VerifiedSep 15, 2022
Awesome sauce
Lockerfox is one of the storage auctions I use regularly. Always great working with these guys. Highly recommend.
VerifiedSep 13, 2022
Lockerfox Lockers
I have purchased several lockers through Lockerfox and have had no issues at all with the process. Purchasing lockers through Lockerfox is a simple and easy process. Thanks Lockerfox.
VerifiedAug 24, 2022
Great layout, nice pictures, prompt with responses to questions. Overall a great site.
VerifiedAug 19, 2022
Very good experience
I have just started in the business of flipping storage lockers. I have found Lockerfox to be a very good site.
VerifiedAug 17, 2022
Great customer service
After having issues with a couple facilities, Lockerfox squared everything in a very good timely matter.
VerifiedAug 9, 2022
1st time using and winning.
Great auction!!! Really enjoyed bidding and picking up my Lockers. Process is easy and simple.
VerifiedAug 8, 2022
Wonderful Service
Wonderful service they work with you and help you in every way
VerifiedJul 23, 2022
So far so good
They add a minute every time someone bids but I guess that is fair. Overall happy with my purchases so far but you never know what’s next.
VerifiedJul 11, 2022
Lockerfox is awesome, I have bought several units thru them with no issues.
VerifiedJul 4, 2022
Great Experience
I have had nothing but a positive experience with all the units I have won. Customer support is quick to respond with requests. Look forward to doing business with Lockerfox for years to come.
VerifiedMay 25, 2022
Locker fox is definitely a good site to use if you want to get into storage auctions.
VerifiedMay 20, 2022
Great website and great staff at the location
Lockerfox I have a suggestion. Hire somebody to go steal away all the accounts that the websites have control of. Your website is so easy to use so easy to navigate so well put together. Thank you. That said the facility from which I picked up yesterday was fantastic the front desk girl was great the facility was clean easy to navigate they were kind I was in and out with my goods and it was a good option thank you thank you
VerifiedMay 3, 2022
Very satisfied
I had a really good experience buying my storage unit from locker fox for the first time I highly recommend buying from this site very professional and I will definitely be buying more units from them if your looking to buy storage units this website if perfect to use thank you for a great experience.
VerifiedApr 16, 2022
Best site to buy lockers
First one I might not know the rules all that well but wish I knew a little more and read but very satisfied with the out come with my investment coming out on top great experience and looking to work with you guys again
VerifiedApr 11, 2022
The format of the website is easy to use, and I like the feature of seeing whose bidding. Other sites don’t do that.
VerifiedApr 4, 2022
Hope I get more lockers from here...friendly and courteous
I only use lockerfox for storage auctions. They are amazing. The emails and texts are very informative. I never have to wonder what's going on with my bid. On a 1-10 scale I give them an 11...great job lockerfox
VerifiedMar 15, 2022
Online Auction
Great auction!!! Really enjoyed bidding and picking up my Lockers. Process is easy and simple. Happy Bidding!!!
VerifiedFeb 25, 2022
Great time!
Lockerfox is very organized how they do business!
VerifiedFeb 22, 2022
Exceptional service
The help was super polite professional and very very helpful
VerifiedFeb 16, 2022
Nice site for storage lockers
Easy to use I like that they text when I get outbid. Will continue using.
VerifiedFeb 11, 2022
Lockerfox is a very easy platform to use
VerifiedFeb 2, 2022
excellent experience
Everytime I buy through Lockerfox I have great experience. Never have any trouble.
VerifiedJan 7, 2022
What a BLAST !!!!
First 2 lockers i bid and won. Instructions were clear and simple and within 24 hours I picked up my lockers. What a great way to search and bid on locker auctions!!! Thanks LockerFox
VerifiedDec 14, 2021
Love bidding and winning with Lockerfox!
Lockerfox is simple and easy to use. Have had many great lockers and found lots of cool stuff. Anytime I have called Lockerfox they have been courteous, professional and extremely helpful. Can't wait for our next one!
VerifiedDec 7, 2021
No hassle
Locker fox was very professional and there were no hidden fees they were able to get me my unit right away I have no complaints
VerifiedOct 27, 2021
Easy to use and the pictures are great
VerifiedOct 25, 2021
Very pleased with how easy Lockerfox is to use
I have been pleased with how easy Lockerfox makes viewing/ bidding on their storage auctions. The reminder/ alert they send via email/ text to update you on units you are bidding on or watching is very helpful, if you choose to receive them. Lockerfox also sends alerts to let people know an auction closes within a few hours. I have been on other sites that are not nearly as easy to navigate and use. Definitely recommend Lockerfox!
VerifiedOct 16, 2021
Lots of fun
First time using and was super easy.
VerifiedOct 11, 2021
Great for picking up units
VerifiedOct 7, 2021
Great service
Lockerfox is great to work with. Very easy site. Everything smooth and cut and dry !!
VerifiedSep 26, 2021
My favorite website
Your my favorite website i check everyday to see new units i wish you had more!!!
VerifiedSep 12, 2021
Great website easy to use
VerifiedSep 8, 2021
My first unit
I really enjoyed the experience of purchasing a unit. And it was really exciting looking through all the stuff. Because you never know what you will find. And i found a lot of things i could use too. So my first time doing this wasn't too bad, and now that i know what to expect. Maybe i will try it again. Thank you for the opportunity.
VerifiedSep 1, 2021
Number of days before closing
2 weeks is a long time to hold a auction open but I do like that we get text or emails if we are outbid. Would like more clean out hours as well. To be able to come after hours to finish up our cleaning out
VerifiedSep 1, 2021
I like lockerfox auction but each storage unit has different time frames of how long you have before cleaning out. Also when they are closed they don’t give you a gate code so you can enter after hours like the other ones do.
VerifiedAug 31, 2021
VerifiedAug 25, 2021
LockerFox helping the community…
I started looking in to storage auctions after hand surgery and needing to supplement our income while on disability during a pandemic… website is user friendly, and I love the facilities. The Ginger Zac at Larson stay golden! The two beautiful ladies at N Chester… the nicest and friendliest! I have found treasures and I have found not so treasurable, but LockerFox made it happen with straight forward expectations and responsible business plans. I keep coming back because they keep treating me good!
VerifiedAug 24, 2021
No problem storage auctions
I finally got a unit with you. I like the way you handle things. Some pictures were cloudy but can see. Wish it would go back to live auctions like it used to be. But in all every thing went well. Thank you
VerifiedAug 20, 2021
Great day
Easy to use
VerifiedAug 14, 2021
Above and beyond
I purchased a locker in Euclid, the office staff was very helpful, as I was emptying the locker, they even sent a customer to me that bought 2 lawnmowers from me, saving me the time to load and unload the mowers plus advertise and sell the 2 lawnmowers, very kind.
VerifiedJul 27, 2021
I won 2 units at the same facility, everything went smoothly from Lockerfox taking there part to the actual storage unit transaction. I will be buying again. Thanks
VerifiedJul 25, 2021
So far so good
I’ve acquired several lockers through LockerFox and so far have had zero issues. A few lost employees on facilities sites, but in all fairness they have been recently hired and haven’t experienced auction lockers. So I’m satisfied.
VerifiedJul 20, 2021
Always fun bidding on the multuple units listed. Lockerfox is easy to use and the rules are pretty simple.
VerifiedJul 6, 2021
Great experience
I had a great experience with locker fox. I have won several auctions on this site. Always a great process. Keep up the good work.
VerifiedJul 3, 2021
Well organized.
Lockerfox is well organized and efficient. Seems to always be a smooth transition.
VerifiedJun 22, 2021
Looking for cheap units
A great place to buy units
VerifiedJun 11, 2021
Great first time experience.
First time buying and super happy with the process. Heard horror stories and unfortunate things that occur with buying and the process...but this experience was smooth from the start at purchase to the ending of cleaning up the area and leaving...quick. easy. comfortable. Thanks Locker Fox
VerifiedJun 1, 2021
storage auction in upstate ny
All went well and office people very professional
VerifiedMay 31, 2021
Lockerfox is a plus
It was easy got notifications even though I broke even lockerfox did an amazing job. Highly recommend it to use
VerifiedMay 31, 2021
My opinion is your doing pretty good . I’d love if you could also post a short video of the locks being cut with a quick scan of the inside of the units. I will say out of the three sights I use you guys are my top pick . Keep it up !!
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